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A financial contribution for the benefit of animals in the amount of $_______will be made to the following organization:___The BCSPCA,___Canadian Wildlife Association,___BC Wildlife Association, and/or ___Missionhill Cattery.

The purpose of this CFA and TICA registered cattery is to preserve the quality and integrity of the Persian and Exotic breeds, as outlined in the CFA Breed Standards, and in accordance with the CFA Code of Ethics.

It is Agreed That:

  1. New Owner will exercise due care and diligence in providing for the maintenance of this cat/kitten including but not limited to regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, sound nutrition and a comfortable and safe environment.  It is agreed that this cat/kitten will not be declawed and will not be allowed to run free outdoors. It is further agreed not to keep this cat/kitten caged on a permanent basis.  In the case of a male, it is agreed that he will not be confined to an enclosure that is less than a 24 sq. ft. area and that he will be given ample time daily for proper exercise and human companionship. In the case of a female who is raising kittens, it is agreed that, if it is necessary, she may be confined in an adequate sized enclosure on a temporary basis only.
  2. If unforeseen circumstances make it impossible to keep this cat/kitten, New Owner agrees to advise Breeder immediately.  It is agreed that this cat/kitten will never be sold, leased or given to another breeder without the Breeder’s full written approval of the new buyer/owner before completing an Agreement for Transfer of Ownership.  In the case where the cat is placed in a pet home, with the Breeder’s approval, it is to be neutered/spayed prior to placement.
  3. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, or given to any pet shop, research laboratory, or abandoned or placed in an animal shelter or similar facility.  To ensure that the cat is never re-sold to another breeder, Breeder has the option to have the cat registered in co-ownership.
  4. The cat/kitten will be bred only to registered cats owned exclusively by the New Owner and residing in the cattery of the New Owner. It is agreed that no first generation kittens from this cat/kitten will be placed with breeders residing in the United States or Canada. In the case of the New Owner being a resident of the United States or Canada first generation kittens may be placed with breeders overseas only with Breeder’s written approval. If this cat/kitten is considered to be show quality New Owner must have the Breeder’s written consent to exhibit the cat/kitten in shows with a view to secure its championship and grand championship. New Owner agrees that the cat/kitten will be exhibited only if it is in good condition and proper coat.
  5. It is agreed that loss or injury of this cat/kitten during shipping will be borne by New Owner.  The Breeder is to be notified immediately upon receipt of this cat/kitten.  At this time, any questions regarding the quality or health of this cat/kitten will be discussed.  This cat/kitten will be isolated from other pets to protect its health until those questions are resolved.
  6. If this cat/kitten is returned to Breeder for any reason, New Owner will pay all shipping charges and must provide a veterinary certificate stating that the cat/kitten does not have ringworm or mites.
  7. The cat/kitten must also be tested for feline leukemia and FIV within one week prior to return to Breeder. New Owner will be responsible for all related veterinary expenses and be responsible for this cat/kitten and its value until it is received back in good health by the Breeder. Breeder will be advised of any test results prior to shipment and has the right to delay shipment. This is in the event that test results are not within the range considered safe to return the cat/kitten to the cattery and risk endangering Breeder’s cats. Any loss or injury sustained by this cat/kitten is the liability of the New Owner so proper insurance should be obtained prior to returning it.
  8. New Owner will refrain from social media slander. If any dispute arises under this contract/agreement, New Owner consents to submit to the jurisdiction of the county/province of the residence of the Breeder at the time such dispute arises.  New Owner further agrees to accept service of process by certified or regular mail.

Breeder agrees at the time of adoption:

  1. To provide New Owner with a true and correct pedigree and the necessary papers to register the cat in New Owner’s name in CFA or TICA.
  2. Breeder guarantees that the cat/kitten described above is DNA PKD negative and is in good health at the time of adoption.   A veterinary certificate of health to this effect will be provided prior to shipping. If examination by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of shipping or personal pick-up by New Owner reveals otherwise, the cat/kitten may be returned to Breeder and a full refund of purchase price will be paid or a replacement kitten will be provided when available. Any shipping and incidental expenses incurred in returning the cat/kitten is the responsibility of the New Owner.
  3. This guarantee does not include the common sniffles and/or problems arising from change of food and water that are associated with stress and a change in environment.
  4.  The cat/kitten has been immunized against panleukopenia, rhinotracheitis and calici virus. If FeLV, FIP or Chlamydia vaccines are given this guarantee will be null and void.
  5.  If the cat/kitten dies prior to the age of two years of a genetic health defect, prior to New Owner having bred the cat and produced any offspring, Breeder will replace the cat/kitten for one of equal quality upon availability basis upon receipt of a detailed necropsy report by a veterinarian outlining the alleged health defect.

It is further agreed that any modifications or changes made to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties in order to be considered valid.

It is also further agreed that Breeder has the right to refuse adoption of the cat/kitten and refund any deposit fees given if, in the opinion of Breeder, there is a valid reason for doing so.

It is agreed that the terms and conditions as specified above are agreeable to both parties.

NEW OWNER: ________________________

BREEDER: _____________________________